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SEO FAQ - Frequently asked Questions

SEO faq – Common SEO questions

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

How long will it take to get my website to page 1 of Google?

This will vary depending on the following factors:
How much competition there is for your chosen keywords
How much time and effort you are willing to invest in Search Engine Optimisation
The quality of your SEO

The important thing to remember is that overnight results are uncommon. Continuous application of proven white-hat SEO techniques will generate the best results over the long-term in today’s leading search engines.

How much should I expect to spend on SEO?

We tailor our services to provide the most benefit at the price you can afford.

Every client has different goals and expectations for their website. We customize our SEO services to achieve the best results for our clients based on how competitive the market is for their given products and services, the amount of work required to meet the clients goals, the number of their chosen keywords and how long it may take to produce significant outcomes. Take a look at the following article – Realistic budgeting advice for Internet Marketing.

How much of an increase in web traffic should I expect?

This will correspond directly with how much search volume your chosen keywords receive. The greater the number of keywords you apply our SEO techniques to, the more web traffic your website will receive.

How do links affect my google ranking? What is the difference between good and bad link building?

Inbound links to your website let the search engines know how important your website is. If there are no inbound links to your website they will rank you very low in search results. Bad link building also known as black-hat seo is when people create thousands of inbound links to their websites from untrustworthy and/or unrelated websites. Good link building is having inbound links from sites directly related to the content of your website. Having quality SEO optimised content on your website will entice other websites to link to your site and these are seen as good links by Google.

Whats the difference between organic SEO and PPC?

PPC or Pay per click is the advertisements you see at the very top and down the right hand side of search results in Google. These are paid for by website owners and often produce only short-term results for their business. You can think of it as like putting advertisements in Newspapers. Most consumers know these are paid for and may or may not contain quality information about the search terms they have entered. Entering into PPC can be quite expensive if used over long periods of time and do not help with actual page ranking.

Organic SEO is when quality website optimisation and link building is applied to your website to improve it’s page ranking over the long-term. This way you don’t need to pay for adds and this should be the goal for every website owner. Every business wants their website listed at the very top on page 1 of search results for their chosen keywords and the best way to do this is to apply proven, tried-and-true SEO techniques.

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