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SEO Pricing

SEO Pricing – How much should you spend on SEO Services?

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Realistic Budgeting Advice for Online Marketing.

Before contemplating the factors of SEO pricing its essential to understand why SEO and Online Marketing is so important for your business.

Today more than 90% of consumers will search online when looking to buy products and services. What this means is that these same consumers will not be sifting through mountains of letterbox mailers and newspapers, nor will they sit and listen to the Radio or watch T.V. for hours in the hope that the product or service they specifically want will somehow magically appear at a special advertised price. Considering these factors its obvious how important it is to have an effective online marketing strategy for your business and that the hard earned dollars you are already pouring into the above mentioned advertising techniques would be far more beneficial if spent on professional SEO services. Theoretically speaking, what you already spend on Advertising for your business equates to what you should be spending on SEO services.

Imagine if you employed someone in your office to undertake Advertising for your company. What would you pay them? – $500 a month?
You can probably imagine the level of service you would get for that amount of money and the same applies for SEO services. The old adage “You get what you pay for” should be in your thoughts as so-called cowboy SEO experts jump on board the SEO bandwagon. Cheap SEO providers promising short-term page 1 rankings can do your company more harm than good as Google often punishes websites utilising black-hat SEO techniques aimed at delivering those kind of results. Google even states the fact that no SEO company can promise you page 1 rankings and that bad SEO practices can completely ruin your website credibility and push it further and further down in Search Engine results.

So then, what is realistic pricing for SEO services? Well, that differs depending on the specific services your company requires, and the amount of work involved in producing results for your business. Generally, for retainer based services where a SEO company will produce regular analytical reports, website content optimisation, link-building and keyword research, most business will pay somewhere upwards of $2,000.00 per month. Even this amount is small considering it works out to be around minimum wage if you hired someone full-time in your office to deliver these types of services.

SEO companies have different pricing for their services, what is essential is that you have an online marketing strategy in place to compete in today’s web-driven world.

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