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Auckland SEO Process
Auckland SEO Process

Our SEO Process and the SEO techniques we apply to Bolster Search Engine Visibility

The first step in our SEO Process is the initial consultation with the client. Here we clarify the goals and expectations for their website and develop the SEO strategy for their business.

During this initial stage we assign the client a campaign manger who will ask questions and gather information to identify the businesses target consumer audience so as to enable the client to choose relevant keywords pertinent to business activity and outline possible content optimisation plans to reinforce these keywords. They will examine the websites existing content, competitor websites, previous SEO campaigns (if any exist) and web traffic statistics for your website based on the available analytical data and make an evaluation as to the expected outcomes resulting from our applied SEO techniques. Once the client has given the go-ahead and chosen the Keywords for their business, we apply our SEO techniques designed for producing the most successful Search Engine results.

At the end of each month the assigned campaign manager for your website will produce a SERP report detailing the results of our applied SEO techniques and based on these results outline further plans for enhanced performance.

The SEO techniques we use consist of two main categories: On-Site SEO techniques and Off-Site SEO techniques. Below is a detailed explanation outlining these two categories.

Content Optimisation

We restructure your website to enhance your chosen keywords and replace irrelevant information with quality SEO optimised content. We check to see if you have submitted your website correctly to the major search engines. Whether or not you have a site-map in place and if it is structured correctly. We incorporate analytics into your website and see where your visitors are coming from and how they are reaching your website. We analyse the usability of your design to ensure your users able to easily reach all areas of your website and can quickly find the information they need.
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Competitive Analysis

We look at what your successful competitors are doing, the number of inbound links to your competitors websites and how long it may take to realize a competitive advantage.
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Keyword Research

We analyze your business to extract pertinent and relevant keywords. We look at who are your target customers? Where does your business niche fit within the industry. Which keywords are used when your target customers are searching for your particular products and services.
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Meta Tag Optimisation

We look at your current meta tags for areas of improvement and where meta tags have been misused or not used at all. Meta tags are restructured for both Local and Global SEO and are enhanced to reinforce your website keywords.
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URL Title Optimisation

URL Titles are optimised to reinforce your keywords, nonsensical URL’s are rewritten to describe relevant information pertaining to that particular area of your Website.
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Link Building

The more links you have on other websites pointing to your website helps boost your search engine visibility immensely. It tells the search engines how important your website is. if there are no links pointing to your website then they will think your website is not very important and will rank you very low in search results. Often your competitors website will rank higher than yours because they have more off-site links pointing to their website. It is important to have quality links pointing to your website from pertinent sources and we run link building campaigns aimed at boosting your rankings.
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Content Writing

The more quality content you have pointing to your website, the better the Search Engine results. Google itself recommends having a blog on your website for just this reason.
We can add a blogging platform with good, quality content to your website which reinforces your chosen keywords. Having interesting, pertinent content not only boosts your search engine results but will keep your clients coming back for your interesting, informative content. Businesses that utilize Social Media can have a huge impact on Search Engine results. Good feedback from clients on Social Media sites can boost your Customer base tenfold and we can help your business utilize Social Media platforms for enhanced search engine visibility.
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Pay-per-click Campaigns

We can help with Pay-Per-Click Advertising, ADMob and Google Adwords however we recommend using our other techniques for the best long-term results. Pay per click advertising can help boost your rankings in the short-term, though it can be very costly for small business and often the results are only short-lived. For the best organic search results we recommend using our tried and true SEO techniques rather than PPC.
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